Meet me at the Yangtze Hotel




COMME des GARÇONS top, Noir Kei Ninomiya pants, Super sunglasses

I was in Shanghai for a few days to recuperate from deadline madness. BFFs, bougie food, old school hotels – my fave trip to SH yet. Amber came over and we snapped some weird pics. She’s musically-gifted, a child of the night, sociable. Basically the complete opposite of me. She helped me snap these photos, then I collaged and painted into them.

Anyway, I’m continuing my recupation in Vienna right now. My graphic designer, Claire, and I did some impressive archiving before we left Beijing – so I’ll be posting some recent work next and talking more about the process. Whether it’s designing a logo, building a brand, creating a magazine, campaign… the public sees that final image/product. But what happens in between? [spoiler: too much]

Photographed at the Yantze Boutique Hotel Shanghai

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