COS shirt, Stefanel trousers, Ann Demeulemeester heels, Mansur Gavriel clutch, SUPER sunglasses.

Summer is here and the ultimate FWP emerges once more: sunglasses digging into your foundationed cheeks leaving marks, and your foundation retaliating by dirtying your sunglasses. I know you know what I mean. I’m in Vienna these days, checking off admin tasks in preparation for my relocation to Beijing. Time seems to merge into one giant blob, and daily activities consist of ice-cream licking while watching Chinese series, biking and skating through Prater, and potentially terrorizing the u-bahn with my bitch face.

In other news, I got my university degree results back this week. Better than I hoped, better than I expected. I got a First. A fucking FIRST. How????? I’ve been distracted and basically a complete anarchist against The System, hating every elitist and society-requires-this aspect of it. Yet a First shows up on my screen and the asian nerd in me cannot help but bat her lashes proudly? I’m ashamed and exuberant at the same time. I have a lot to say about the System and about university so I’ll definitely be writing a separate post on this next – mostly inspired by Melisa who also studied in Edinburgh. I’m not against education, but I do think that, in this digital day and transient age, a certain Refresh button needs to be pressed once in a while to keep things relevant, challenging and inspiring.

For now, let’s just thank the sun for its rays and that my white-as-bread feet can slip into these gorgeous Ann D’s and get some damned color in them – odd tan lines and all. Bookmark away as academic venting will be continued. Get your popcorn ready.



Stefanel culottes, & Other Stories slippers, MM6 Maison Margiela tote

Currently unpacking/packing/re-packing and found this old bracelet that seems to double up as an anklet quite nicely. All-black tends to get very 2D slash same-like so I feel like this adds…something. Partially inspired by those Miu Miu ballet flats, and partially due to my inability to throw away things I really ought to throw away.