April 26, 2015

Finding Peace In the Big City


Hong Kong was a flash, a wink, yet a decade ago. I think I've grown up a lot during and since that trip back in January. I stayed at Lanson Place in Causeway bay, which provided a peaceful retreat from long adventurous days of Yes.

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April 24, 2015

Power-walking Into Summer

Céline Fall:Winter 2015

Come May 1st (五一) Beijing will officially be summer. While I've been decidedly very fucking glad - winter was The Great Depression - I've also been somewhat dreading the city turning into its alter ego of the Even Greater Sweaty Kingdom.

For now: how to transition from a layered-raccoon to summer wear that doesn't resemble an '07 backpacker with a '14 selfie stick??

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April 19, 2015

Learning to Learn


The past two weeks have been kind of hectic. I had multiple deadlines for freelance projects, four exams, two academic essays...I was on the verge of breaking down. Either that or cloning myself DIY-style. So I've had to reevaluate some of my priorities.

I used to always take school for granted, seeing it as this annoying static noise in the background that wouldn't go away. It was distracting me from what I wanted to do, and holding me back from who I wanted to become.

"I know what I want to do, and this shit won't help me get there" came up a lot, both mentally and verbally. Plans I have for this blog and KNEON, and all the dreams I have to work between China and the US - writing a 4000 word paper on a Qing porcelain vase isn't going to help me.

I'm graduating in a year's time, and will be completely free. Not gonna lie, this realization made me ecstatic with joy - at first. But then it dawned on me: this is The Last Period of my life where I am free of responsibilities, where I get to be this phat sponge, absorbing and learning, and just preparing myself for the adventure that Real Life will be. I will never have the time like I do now to just be a spectator.




Soon I'll be on That Other Side. And dark or not - I won't be able to come back. So note to self: stop hating on school! Read lots of books! Do yoga! Interview cool girls for this blog! Shoot more photos! Learn more about the art of life! Use more exclamation marks! I really need to just stop complaining and enjoy being this piggy in the middle.





These photos were taken by Nick when we dropped by the new Yetang HQ the other day to shoot founder Natasia for the next episode of #GIRLCRUSH. I'm wearing 200% more color than usual and feeling girly for once. Also the print on this top + short set isn't even florally, but the quote seemed to fit as the title, so whatever :')

Photos by Nick Wu. Makeup by Xiao Ming.

Reebok sneakers, ShaoYaoJu top and shorts.

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