Meet me at the Yangtze Hotel




COMME des GARÇONS top, Noir Kei Ninomiya pants, Super sunglasses

I was in Shanghai for a few days to recuperate from deadline madness. BFFs, bougie food, old school hotels – my fave trip to SH yet. Amber came over and we snapped some weird pics. She’s musically-gifted, a child of the night, sociable. Basically the complete opposite of me. She helped me snap these photos, then I collaged and painted into them.

Anyway, I’m continuing my recupation in Vienna right now. My graphic designer, Claire, and I did some impressive archiving before we left Beijing – so I’ll be posting some recent work next and talking more about the process. Whether it’s designing a logo, building a brand, creating a magazine, campaign… the public sees that final image/product. But what happens in between? [spoiler: too much]

Photographed at the Yantze Boutique Hotel Shanghai




ELLO – writing this from SH right now. Have been a supporter of Lucien Wang since I saw his clothing at Dong Liang. Never not supporting rising Chinese creatives. Add oil. Found a copy of FT my dad left at mine when he was visiting – stock market overview seemed appropriately unrelated to my photographs. Here they are. Used my cat as a prop. No shame, I get her chubby for a reason. There’s also none of that shame when it comes to covering up your legs with aforementioned FT clippings because they’re too white. Most ridiculous blog post caption ever but it’s past midnight so this grandma is in dire need of sleep.

Top and skirt, Lucien Wang. 1/2 sunglasses I own that does not dance on my cheeks when I smile, Retro Super Future. Sandals suitable to wear with scrubs, Alexander Wang.


Hey guys. Recently I’ve been flipping through the main references in my life – Rauschenberg, Meire, M/M – and having fun with mixed media collages again. There’s something so right about a messy piece of work that’s imperfect and almost dirty-looking with just the right amount of stuff. I’ve been obsessed with Meire’s GARAGE layouts, stenciled data on trucks in Beijing, and collecting all types of shitty printed matter (receipts, packaging, newspaper cutouts). Below are some recent assemblages made from old photos, phone photos and random cutouts from really ‘real’ Chinese everyday things. I dig that shit. Also, updates have been non-existent lately because I was trying to find myself hahaha. (the ‘hahaha’ comes from the very dark hole I’ve been living in for the last few months. But I just left that hole 2 days ago. Sup). So this is me, coming back from the dark. Happy to re-meet you all again.

Blurred phone pic of a rose petal I picked up from outside our office. Quote is something that fell into my brain and I vomited it out.

Portrait by my sister. Top by Helmut Lang.

The Joys of Truth x 1993 baby photo of me. Both O’s are replaced by cut outs from a package. The words read 快找 (‘Find quick’) (reference to both ‘truth’ and the fact that delivery is insanely fast in China). The search for speed is not synonymous with truth most of the time, but self-distraction.

Saw these cute bell-shaped flowers in the botanical gardens in Amsterdam with Lucy’s boyfriend, Gabry. Decided to print and scan them in Beijing, using tracing paper and crayons to imitate them in a primary school manner. I fucking love tracing paper.

Once again, some tracing action. I’m obsessed with the color combo of black/white/red. It’s the only combo that I feel works for me. The posting stamp is from the same delivery package as the baby photo collage above. I stuck on a 喜喜 (‘Shuang Xi’ – double happiness – usually used when a couple first gets married, denoting love and other marital bliss-like things) because, well, I felt like it. Bag by Simone Rocha, pants by Issey Miyake Pleats Please, slides by & Other Stories.