#GIRLCRUSH: Irene Lu of Pillowbook








I first met Irene back in September, during Beijing Design Week. She was wearing a Mondrian-inspired silk dudou from her own Beijing-based brand, PILLOWBOOK, which remixes modern aesthetics into traditional Chinese lingerie styles.

Fast forward a couple of months and a healthy amount of online stalking, I’ve tackled her down for a new series called #GIRLCRUSH. This will spotlight girls I meet who have that special spark, who inspire endless talks about the future, who have a vision, and who are really really hardworking.

Before we start, a definition of ‘Pillowbook’ might be useful! A long long time ago in China, whenever a girl just got married and was expected to finally be with her husband – she’d be like 12 or 13 years old at this point – her mother would give her this mysterious Pillowbook ting, showing her what was to be done in bed to make her man happy. (Sorry for the noob description guys, but my mom reads my blog…) Anyway. Here goes!

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