ELLO – writing this from SH right now. Have been a supporter of Lucien Wang since I saw his clothing at Dong Liang. Never not supporting rising Chinese creatives. Add oil. Found a copy of FT my dad left at mine when he was visiting – stock market overview seemed appropriately unrelated to my photographs. Here they are. Used my cat as a prop. No shame, I get her chubby for a reason. There’s also none of that shame when it comes to covering up your legs with aforementioned FT clippings because they’re too white. Most ridiculous blog post caption ever but it’s past midnight so this grandma is in dire need of sleep.

Top and skirt, Lucien Wang. 1/2 sunglasses I own that does not dance on my cheeks when I smile, Retro Super Future. Sandals suitable to wear with scrubs, Alexander Wang.

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