IN MARCH dressing gown, UNIQLO x LEMAIRE bomber. Photographed by Entong Lee.

Back and alive after finishing off another issue of Vogue Me. This time away from the online made me rethink a lot of things. Clothes only play a limited role in my life – even if I do work in fashion – and a large chunk of my life and time are dedicated to things like a job, going to the gym, talking with photographers here, and planning future projects.

So I’ve decided to be more open. I want to share with you things I really care about: Chinese designers, layouts, typography, Chinese creatives, imagery and editing, films, branding, new faces. Heck, maybe even workout tips for creatives who are short on time! I want this to be a conversation that’s not limited to clothing. This is a personal space after all, so it’s time I bring more of myself into it.

Today we are IN MARCH. Also – a planned coincidence – the brand name of the dressing gown I don above. I met Mengqi Liu, the founder, last month (ergo the puffer jacket – February was not a good idea. Fullstop). I’m actually meeting her later today, so interview and trippy pics coming soon! You can read my previous interviews with Chinese creatives here.