Trousers by BOUNDLESS 没边, bag by BEN 宋洋, creepers by Underground England, photos by Amber

As rooster year settles in, and I settle out of the food/sleep coma that’s been CNY, I’m kickstarting this year by hunting down true meaning. No longer will I settle for a brand’s semi-transparent rebrand based on the Likes of millennials to hook us on for years ahead. No, this year shall be full of genuine intention and mission statements that make you go ‘What? Oh!’.

So as we push beyond the norm, we – ironically – arrive at Chinese fashion brand BOUNDLESS (‘méi bian’). Launched in 2005 by designer Zhang Da, who comes from the Xi An province, BOUNDLESS breaks fashion convention – subtly and gently. Instead of releasing collections according to the seasonal deadlines, Zhang Da prefers to release capsule collections based on specific concepts. Inspired by Chinese philosophies and traditional ways of making clothes, his capsule collections are minimalistic and soft and natural. A breathe of fresh air with unexpected quirks (like these painted jeans haha). His knack for using understated materials (silk, cotton, linen) and real human beans as models is what led him to be a part of Hermès Group’ Chinese label Shang Xia‘s OG team of designers, as well as having his work exhibited at UCCA.

FYI: Shang Xia integrates and reinterprets Chinese culture and traditional methods in a modern way. Sleek Chinese minimalism is all I can say – not sure if the price point indicates that I am not yet of age to be considered their target audience, but have a look anyway. Definitely interesting to see how a big powerhouse like Hermès is finding new ways to tap into the Chinese market.

On another note, I recently copped some video equipment! While creating images and finding out new weird ways of presenting them still counts as my #1 hobby, I can’t shake the FOMO feeling that video can help me better connect with you guys. I want to show you the baby China I’ve gotten to know – from my one year of living here previously as an exchange student, and now as a full-time creative in Beijing. So much to shows!!!! Stay tuned. Bye babes.

Because Uma Said So 姐姐说了算





Layered dresses by Uma Wang, Doc Martens shoes, Super sunglasses.

I want to talk about the Wangsical. That’s a thing now. After Alexander Wang, Vera Wang, Vega Zaishi Wang, another Wang you defos need to know is Uma Wang. When I finally met her clothes in person, I felt like I had rekindled a childhood friendship that didn’t exist. Why does that sound creepy? It isn’t, but I probably did look creepy when I was looking through her AW collection. The emo typography nerd inside me also growled admiringly when I saw her black/white logo. It was what it is. Wait what?

The textures are absolutely exquisite, and also an experimental joy to wear. What I mean by the experimentally joyful is that all the pieces are kind of like Lego – you can layer, overlap, turn around, wear upside down. There’s a certain structural versatility in her clothes that certain puts a proud ‘Made In China’ stamp on the wearer’s face. If I was a personal shopper/stylist for a modern Chinese businesswoman looking to represent her company and employees abroad, I would lead her to Uma. This is quality understatement at its finest and a reminder that the air of GIRLBOSS-ness cannot be bought with logos and designer flashing.

I’m not gonna lie, wearing this sheer dress, pictured above, with only my nipple stickers and cycle shorts for underwear and shooting photos with a self-timer on the streets probably wasn’t the best idea. But then again, being a winter-h8er and studying in Edinburgh probably wasn’t the smartest one either.