IN MARCH dressing gown, UNIQLO x LEMAIRE bomber. Photographed by Entong Lee.

Back and alive after finishing off another issue of Vogue Me. This time away from the online made me rethink a lot of things. Clothes only play a limited role in my life – even if I do work in fashion – and a large chunk of my life and time are dedicated to things like a job, going to the gym, talking with photographers here, and planning future projects.

So I’ve decided to be more open. I want to share with you things I really care about: Chinese designers, layouts, typography, Chinese creatives, imagery and editing, films, branding, new faces. Heck, maybe even workout tips for creatives who are short on time! I want this to be a conversation that’s not limited to clothing. This is a personal space after all, so it’s time I bring more of myself into it.

Today we are IN MARCH. Also – a planned coincidence – the brand name of the dressing gown I don above. I met Mengqi Liu, the founder, last month (ergo the puffer jacket – February was not a good idea. Fullstop). I’m actually meeting her later today, so interview and trippy pics coming soon! You can read my previous interviews with Chinese creatives here.





A golden spare moment during Golden Week to update this site. I previously featured MS MIN before, but with her FW16 collection it just keeps getting better. New structure, avant-garde silhouettes, all black. My kinda paradise. Also, updates are coming in slow I know. Feeling finally settled in Beijing now so I’m being greedy and embracing life. I’m planning on more proper designer features – interviews, studio visits – and creative collabs so stay tooooned (and toned). Big love.

Wearing MS MIN FW16 blouse and dress

Introducing Lucien Wang



ellevictoire_lucien_wang_victoria_jin gif



With roses on my sleeves and Banks in my ears, I wanna introduce you to a new Chinese designer today. Well, not a ‘new’ label in the literal sense: Lucien Wang launched his eponymous label back in 2008 (prior to that, he studied at Studio Berçot in Paris before training with Véronique Leroy).

I remember seeing a rack of desaturated goodness and beelining straight for it. There, with much splendor, hung a mishmash of AW15 and SS16: tuktuk loads of strong silhouettes, all the silver hardware the urban minimalist can just about handle, and – to my delight – a lot of black. Sufficiently purposeful, decidedly decadent, and oh so beautiful.

Wearing Lucien Wang F/W 2015 dress













Yang Li jacket, trousers and t-shirt, Converse sneakers, CHairEYES sunglasses | Photographs by Amber Yang
I’ve stalked the archives, I’ve trxpped over 90’s Margielas. But if there’s anyone contemporarily cool doing black its greatest justice, then it’s Yang Li. Sorry if I’ve professed/obsessed my love for his clothes all too much up here (and in IRL), but this is the kind of silhouette I’m happy to rep for life: menswear, tailored, in-n-out of proportions – black with a soul, manly with vigorous twist. Thank you Dong Liang for stocking my favorite designers, as always.

I’m back in Beijing. Stepped off a direct flight, got whirled into chaotic chaos and now I’m all sticky-sweaty, but it’s all ok because I’m finally breathing it all in (and coughing a little). I still have to head back to Vienna to get some more visa stuff done, but come August I’ll be fully settled in the Jing – if the last of the summer heatwave doesn’t get to me first. Going to keep this a short one – let’s stay updated via the gram.