Kozha Numbers bag, Issey Miyake pants

I discovered Kozha Numbers a few months ago, on one of my mindless Instagram scrolls. Stumbling across aesthetic brand accounts becomes almost a daily ritual now, and so many in their relentless reposting of creditless Inspo pics become interchangeable. However, with the Kozha Numbers page, I hovered. And browsed. And scrolled. And browsed some more. Their intricate curation of art with leather made me feel like I could finally breathe. It gave me space to think, to digest and to appreciate. I was led to their minimal site, and then straight towards their DM. An interchange later, here is my 01 of the numbers. Receiving her felt like meeting an online friend lol. I had the same experience when I stumbled upon Mansur Gavriel all those candy-colored releases ago – back in their OG days when they had one bucket bag to show. So trust my instincts – Kozha is here to stay.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Do you know how I can purchase this gorgeous bag? You have a beautiful website. The images are stunning.

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