Sweet Caroline 维也纳的中国人





It’s been a while since I’ve had a conversation combining Chinese, German and English (Cherglish?), and have both parties understand the situation perfectly. But such was the case when I photographed Caroline outside Cafe Moebel.

She’s also a Vienna-born-Chinese and won the Elite Model Look contest earlier this year. Despite her being a year older than my little sister, I still blurted out an ‘OMG you are just so young!’ upon finding out her age, which makes me sound ancient, but – admittedly – 22 seemed ancient to me when I was 19. Age-doesn’t-matter aside (but really, it doesn’t), Caroline Wenyi Hu has that perfect porcelain skin which, maybe after many an avocado-on-wheat-toast diets, I strive to achieve one day.

How come you were born in Vienna?
My mother grew up here in Vienna and my grandparents came here to look for work.

What’s the best thing about growing up in Vienna?
I think one of the best thing about growing up abroad, is that you grow up bilingual. And the best thing about Vienna is for sure the pleasant living here and the old culture city.

And the worst?
I think the worst thing is, that Vienna is such a small city and if you grew up here you nearly know every place where you can go to and that makes Vienna sometimes boring to me.

Is there a community for Chinese or Asians in Vienna?
Yes, there are many different community’s, like the Asian Night, it is an event which takes place in any popular clubs every month. And there is also a Chinese church, Chinese school and also a Chinese journalism club.

How do you feel when you visit China?
I’m very rare in China, but I feel like a tourist there. Chinese people always recognize immediately that I come from abroad. Even before I speak, unfortunately my Chinese isn’t very good. Actually, I always feel like a foreigner.

You’re just finishing up high school now. What are your plans afterwards?
Definitely going to Uni, but I’m still not sure what I’m going to study. And by the way I want to continue modelling.

Favorite meal:
Definitely asian dishes!!! I looove dim sum also rice. I can’t stand a day without rice (What a cliché)

I don’t really have an idol, but I am a big fan of Liu Wen and Fei Fei Sun, both are very successful models :)

Your Chinese is good! Did your parents make sure you spoke it at home? Were you sent to Chinese school?
What?! haha no my Chinese is really bad! Yes, my dad only speak Chinese, so my brother and I also have to. And when I was younger my grandparents have been taking care of me and they can only speak Chinese. Yes, I was there for 1 year, but I didn’t want it anymore and my parents also didn’t forced me to do it.

Do you see yourself moving back to China?
No, I see Vienna as my hometown, I think I’ll stay here or somewhere in Europe. I like the atmosphere, the living conditions here in Europe more than in Asia.

Photographed and styled by Victoria Jin
Model is Caroline @ Stellamodels

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