COMME des GARÇONS top, Noir Kei Ninomiya pants, Super sunglasses

I was in Shanghai for a few days to recuperate from deadline madness. BFFs, bougie food, old school hotels – my fave trip to SH yet. Amber came over and we snapped some weird pics. She’s musically-gifted, a child of the night, sociable. Basically the complete opposite of me. She helped me snap these photos, then I collaged and painted into them.

Anyway, I’m continuing my recupation in Vienna right now. My graphic designer, Claire, and I did some impressive archiving before we left Beijing – so I’ll be posting some recent work next and talking more about the process. Whether it’s designing a logo, building a brand, creating a magazine, campaign… the public sees that final image/product. But what happens in between? [spoiler: too much]

Updates soon!! Be good!! Keep smizing!!




ELLO – writing this from SH right now. Have been a supporter of Lucien Wang since I saw his clothing at Dong Liang. Never not supporting rising Chinese creatives. Add oil. Found a copy of FT my dad left at mine when he was visiting – stock market overview seemed appropriately unrelated to my photographs. Here they are. Used my cat as a prop. No shame, I get her chubby for a reason. There’s also none of that shame when it comes to covering up your legs with aforementioned FT clippings because they’re too white. Most ridiculous blog post caption ever but it’s past midnight so this grandma is in dire need of sleep.

Top and skirt, Lucien Wang. 1/2 sunglasses I own that does not dance on my cheeks when I smile, Retro Super Future. Sandals suitable to wear with scrubs, Alexander Wang.








Kozha Numbers bag, Issey Miyake pants

FYI this post ain’t sponsored.

I discovered Kozha Numbers a few months ago, on one of my mindless Instagram scrolls. Stumbling across aesthetic brand accounts becomes almost a daily ritual now, and so many in their relentless reposting of creditless Inspo pics become interchangeable. However, with the Kozha Numbers page, I hovered. And browsed. And scrolled. And browsed some more. Their intricate curation of art with leather made me feel like I could finally breathe. It gave me space to think, to digest and to appreciate. I was led to their minimal site, and then straight towards their DM. An interchange later, here is my 01 of the numbers. Receiving her felt like meeting an online friend lol. I had the same experience when I stumbled upon Mansur Gavriel all those candy-colored releases ago – back in their OG days when they had one bucket bag to show. So trust my instincts – Kozha is here to stay.









Bags and shoes by Angel Chen SS17, Junya Watanabe trousers, Ann Demeulemeester shoes

Angel Chen’s SS17 collection features some bold ass nostalgia – for a culture that’s your own, but that somehow you can’t own. Her designs cunningly drape the present over the past. She challenges the rebellious spirit with whiffs of youthful romance and delicacy for a new millennial generation whose identity is built on the internet.

The ever-looming question of ‘Is this cultural appropriation’ is once again resurrected. Borrowing and adapting and exploring and developing is a utilitarian act – to explore cultures that don’t belong to you is even more commendable. For me, the delicacy of the exploration and the curiosity that leads the thought is what truly matters. Nationalism as we know it is outdated. It’s a time to align yourself to the ideas you believe in – not people who look like you.