Lulu & Glossybox

June 13, 2012

And my Glossy box for June has arrived! I received two prior to this one already, but things have been super busy since I got back to Vienna so here's the first peek.

It's a really sweet idea, where you sign up to receive monthly samples of new and innovative beauty products. The price is worth all the variety that is inside, plus you get to really reach outside your comfort zone and test around in the comforts in your home. I'll do a more in depth review next week.

Meet my lovely friend, Lulu, and her adorable puppy. I shot some photos of her for a KNEON feature about her shoeline. I get so inspired when I find and get to know young creatives doing things out of the ordinary and with so much passion and confidence - makes me feel motivated to keep on power-walking around Vienna doing my shizniz!

Anyway, hope you are all having a good week! Kisses.


  1. she is beautiful and super cute puppy

  2. Your friend is gorgeous! Meeting other creative people is so motivational :)

  3. She's gorgeous and he is precious!